Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Shocking"ly Retarded

I didn't really believe WWWWW when he claimed he heard Paul Allen comparing Livan to Johan. But I made the mistake of turning on KFAN this morning and to my surprise PA was at it again. How in the hell does a person who compares Livan to Jo-Jo Santana actually have a six figure job that pays them to talk about sports. This wasn't your typical tongue in cheek comparison either, this idiot actually believes Livan is a better pitcher than Jo-Jo at this point in the season.

Another question I have is how in the world does anyone work with this tit? If I was Jeff Dubay or Justin Gaard I would literally walk out of the studio when PA started singing while I was talking. What an obnoxious asshole. Who thinks that is funny and why hasn't their program director been fired for not telling this no talent idiot to knock that shite off. He also comes off as the type of guy who would be upset if someone did that while he was talking.

Question for you. Do you think PA believes he is "hip" because he plays RB music? PA is about as hip as Bogart with a poop/vomit covered arm.

Can someone tell me what in the hell "Yadot" means??? Does PA think he is coining some new hip term in the twin cities. If I heard either one of my two friends say Yadot, I would punch them in the mouth. "Yadot"....honestly.

This was going to be a quick little post, but now I am pissed off thinking about this f'ing tit. Thanks for wrecking my morning you no talent twat!

Not only is PA obnoxious and knows little about sports, but he dresses like Mike Max. Note to PA, sweaters that look like a Leprechaun blew his rainbow colored load all over the front of your chest do not look good. I know you think you are sophisticated because the sticker on that rag was $200, but in reality everyone but Mike Max and Kevin McHale are laughing at you.

I also love how PA acts like he is a man of principal yet he turns around and sells his soul for any half ass product that will pay him $20. I swear to god he would put his name on a underage prostitution service if they paid him a couple bucks at let him make a commercial. Sellout Twat!

Lastly, Just because you announce the Vikings game on the radio doesn't make you an NFL insider. Quit acting like a tit your entire show and then transform into "Joe Professional" when you discuss football. You have no idea what you are talking about and the next time you have your own opinion on a team or player will be the first time. Who does he think he is fooling when he talks about that stuff? All he does is call a couple of his fantasy bo-bo's and regurgitate what they tell him. PA, You don't understand football so knock of the charade. You calling football games makes you know as much about football as me or any one of the 60,000 fans in the Metrodome on Sunday. Also, knock off the canned touch down calls, you sound like an idiot.

Little known fact. Did you know Bogart called into the PA and Dubay show once and actually asked legit questions? God did you wet the bed on that bit bogart!

PA needs to go!

Side Note: TJ Oshie is going to sign with the St. Louis Blues within the next 72 hours. The one good Sioux players is no more. At least I can once again hate the Sioux with all my heart!

P.S. Kubel sti....has always blown!


Anonymous said...

The majority of males age 18-45 apparently do not agree with you as their show is one of the highest rated programs. I think he's terrible and sad to say I once liked their show. Most of your points were dead on. Your only mistake was bringing up the NHL.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think he brought up college hockey not the NHL.

Chalk me up as another 18-45'er who can't stand the "twat".

Bear said...

Any radio personality could succeed in the format they use. They are the only show that talks sports almost exclusively on the only sports talk station in the city. You could put any idiot it his position, have them talk Purple and NFL draft every day and they would draw the same ratings.

Snake, try this. Only listen between 12-2, or to Barreiro, but only when he has a fictitious guest on.

Somebody should let Smokey know that since his hand is already down there, he might as well use his thumb to rub the rug. You know, take in the whole experience.

The Sidler said...

I'm digging the transformation into a "the Twin Cities media sucks" blog...bashing the baseball coverage in this town is a favorite topic of mine. It is ridiculous how bad it is. Chad Hartman and Doogie are the closest thing to competent you'll find on KFAN. I like how Barreiro has resorted to slamming Mauer for not swinging at pitches out of the strike zone. Ooooo-K.

Sadly, KFAN listeners know more about an undrafted rookie free agent DB's footwork than they do about the Twins. I can't stand year-round Vikings talk...but KFAN knows who butters the bread.

And somehow KSTP is even worse.

Then there's the actual broadcasts...Dick-n-Bert are awful. At least the radio broadcast isn't too bad as long as Dazzle isn't handling the play-by-play duties.

PS. The Jason Kubel fanclub has cancelled May's meeting.

The Sidler said...

The Jason Kubel fanclub has tentatively rescheduled May's meeting for Monday the 19th at the Plymouth Buffalo Wild Wings.

Matt said...

PA is an idiot. Good rant.

snacks said...

It's funny that this was just posted because I haven't listened to the fan with any regularity in years, but decided I'd give it a try again starting this morning because I'm sick of the music on the radio. It was nothing but commercials for my entire 10 minute drive into work. Who is on at 8 am anyway? the Common Man? Or has he been fired?

Anonymous said...

"Whaaat Uuup!"

WWWWWW said...

Amen, brother. I can't stand those two clowns, and when I do listen it's more for the unintentional comedy than anything else. I think Dubay might even be worse than PA.

His opinions are generally not thought out at all, and he gives them with the full force of one who was totally educated on the topic. Then, if PA happens to disagree, he completely backs off his opinion. Quite the flip flopper.

My two favorite Dubay takes were, "Manny Ramirez sucks at baseball" and "The Beastie Boys are totally irrelevant to the history of music."

Also, I'm a big Barreiro fan.

Snake uses the word tit and twat way too much said...

This post is stupid and so are you Snake. Oshie made it official yesterday afternoon. He is outski and we are screwed.
Maybe this year little lammy with lead us to victory......pshhhhh hahaha

Anonymous said...

The word twat can never be used to often. You dumb twat!

Anonymous said...

Good one anonymasshole, maybe you should start using the word pussy intstead of twat. I think it suits you better.

Anonymous said...

Sidler I think its time for a re-write on your Gomez take. Thoughts??

Charley Walters said...

In my always riveting "Don't Print That" section of the the Shooter, I point out that Mauer could be hitting 30 HR a year with a minor swing adjustment, but it'd probably result in 100 strikeouts.

Suck it Reusse!

Bear said...

Hey Shooter, you're a fucking retard!

Last year Mauer hit 7HR and struck out 51 times. Do you think that the Twins wouldn't accept 23 more HR for only 49 more K's. Get a clue.

ek dawg said...

Jamal Abu-Shamala … an Olympian?
Posted on May 14th, 2008 – 11:01 AM
By Myron Medcalf
Gophers senior forward Jamal Abu-Shamala will try out for the Jordanian national team next month, according to Gophers spokesman Matt Slieter.

Abu-Shamala’s father, Subhy Abu-Shamala, is a native of the country, which makes him eligible to play for Jordan this summer, as the team seeks an Olympic bid.

-From the Star-Tribune online today.
This is so awesome I can't even believe it. I would pay 45,000 dollars to see Jamal play in the Olympics. I can only assume he wouldn't make the team though. If they've got 15-20 able-bodied men in Jordan you've gotta assume he's out.

bogart said...

Didn't I ask PA who was a better Defensive Tackle, Chris Hovan or that wrestler who was in Vikings camp at the time?

Snake said...

Bogart, That was the bit, but you got a case of the Albany's and decided to ask real questions first. Then you ended up getting cut off prior to your material.

Wozniak's Madison sheets where less of a mess then your call to the PA show.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of dumb sht takes, WWWW what do you think of your boy Sabathia now?

Bear said...

Actually Bogart, talking to PA & Dubay about Hovan & Lesnar would have been funny. Instead, you wasted 3 minutes discussing how YOU thought T. Williamson was going to have a great rookie season. What makes the story funny is the fact that PA had to curb your enthusiasm about Williamson.

P.S. Snake, inside jokes kill on a message board.

snacks said...

Boy this site sucks for breaking gophers news these days. New rankings are out from Rivals, Royce White was bumped up to a 5-star prospect and is rated the 18th best prospect in the country and Rodney Williams moved up to # 28.

Dawg said...

Thats not news, its subjective BS. In Scout.com's latest rankings they have Rodney as the 14th ranked SF in the country and 4 stars. While Royce is considered a not-ranked PF and only 3 stars.

Furthermore, Dashonte Riley dropped to 111 in rivals rankings but is still considered a 5 star recruit on Scout.

With that type of variance I can't believe anybody would consider that news.

snacks said...

Dawg, from your recent post following Royce White's commitment:

"Royce is ranked the #32 top prospect in 2009. He is also ranked the #9 Small forward for 2009.

This is a great follow up to a superb 2008 recruiting class that included 3 top 100 recruits and 2 junior college studs."

If it is such b.s., why do you cite to it? God, you are a hypocrite.

Dawg said...

The news was that Royce committed, the rest of what I wrote was bs.

I said that it wasn't news when a site changes their rankings. Learn how to read and think for yourself.

Thanks for your input flip flopper.